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What if all health providers could easily and effectively work to improve the health of the global poor? What if the ideal of global health equity were to move into the mainstream of modern medicine, and health were to become a birthright for all people, regardless of their nationality or income? Since 1998, Omni Med has worked to inspire many within the medical profession to make such ideals become a reality; specifically, by placing providers in developing countries directly through our varied programs, and by inspiring and encouraging many more. Ultimately, we aim to make this most urgent work a part of the very fabric of health professionals’ lives everywhere.


We have run innovative, sustainable, education-based programs in Belize, Kenya, Guyana, Thailand and Uganda–now the focal point of our work. We send health volunteers of all types to Uganda in an ongoing, year-round basis to train and maintain community health workers (over 1400 thus far), each of whom provides basic primary and preventive care to 25-30 rural households. We also regularly construct cookstoves,  protected water sources, and distribute insecticide-treated nets (ITNs), and coordinate programs in HTN and Mental Health. We believe that all service programs should measure the impact of their work. As such, we have conducted several clinical trials, including a randomized controlled trial measuring this program’s impact; other trials are ongoing.


Our volunteers work with our staff in close partnership with the Ministry of Health in a unique and sustainable model that combines research, home visits, training and health infrastructure improvement. Our Ugandan staff directs all aspects of our programs, and our focus remains on empowering the local community through health education. In addition to the Ugandan Ministry of Health, we partner with several US Medical Schools.



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