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Omni Med is a 501 c 3 organization that relies on support from all of you to keep our mission going. All donations are tax-deductible and go toward our work in Uganda. We are the rare service oriented organization that actually measures the efficacy of our work, something decidedly lacking in the service sector. Additionally, since we are partnered with the national and local branches of the Ugandan Ministry of Health, our work shares a long-term vision with the Ministry of Health and is sustainable. We have come a long way in Uganda, but we have so much more to cover. The Ministry of Health has asked Omni Med to cover VHT training and maintenance for the entire Mukono district, including some 650,000 people. When we factor in that our approach includes construction of cookstoves for each household, providing protected water sources, and giving out bed nets to each family with children or pregnant women, then you can understand just how immense our task is. We know that what we do saves lives. We have measured it and can demonstrate the impact of our approach. While our volunteers cover some of our costs, there is so much more that needs support. We ask that you support us with any donation you can render. 

The following are suggestions on what specific amounts can cover: 

  • $50:  dispensing 10 bed nets

  • $100: training one VHT, or dispensing 20 bed nets

  • $250: training two and 1/2 VHTs, or dispensing 50 bed nets

  • $500: construction of one protected water source

  • $1000: construction of two protected water sources

  • $2500: covering one training session for a new group of VHTs or 5 protected water sources

  • $5000: training sessions for two new groups of VHTs; 

You can make donations in two ways:

Write a check directly to Omni Med and send it to:

Omni Med

81 Wyman Street, Suite #1

Waban, MA 02468

Click on the PayPal button below

We sincerely appreciate any donation
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