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With the great shortage of healthcare providers and trained community health workers in Uganda, a new method of training has proved beneficial and efficient. Using online training programs loaded onto tablets is gaining popularity among many organizations and has proved to expand healthcare education and literacy. James O'Donovan has partnered with Omni Med on a program in which tablets pre-loaded with training materials are dispensed to VHTs in Mukono. VHTs are given the opportunity to use tablets to learn about malaria, diarrhea management, pneumonia, contraception, and family planning.These programs  provide tools to learn in clinical examinations with interactive prompts and segments incorporated into the training. Low-cost Android tablets, called connecTABs, are being distributed throughout communities. Instructions on how to navigate the easy-to-use tablet and the training modules are distributed to VHTs in Luganda and instructors guide them throughout the process. ConnectTABS have been readily received with successful outcomes expanding healthcare literacy and providing an improved effective training program for VHTs.

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