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Since Omni Med's founding in 1998, we have run programs in four countries: Belize, Guyana, Kenya, and Uganda. Of these, Uganda occupies our complete focus now. Please read the stories of these prior programs, each of which has made an impact and informs the work we continue to do in Uganda today. 



We ran the Belize Cooperative Health Education Program for close to 10 years, during which time physicians traveled throughout the country giving a traveling grand rounds format. Click above for details. 



We shipped close to $1 million worth of supplies to Kenya in the 1990's, and facilitated several volunteers getting there. Father Dr Bill Fryda is an inspirational figure well worth knowing. Please click above to learn more about him and St Mary's Hospitals in Nairobi and Nakuru. 



Drs James Eadie and John O'Brien initiated a training program in Guyana in 2003. Then Dr John Varallo developed a cervical cancer screening program that became a national program model. Dr Varallo continues the program currently with JHPIEGO. 

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