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Response in Uganda

Omni Med staff are working diligently to respond to the coronavirus pandemic in Uganda. Through training VHTs to construct tippy-taps, over 500 stations have been built in villages throughout Mukono. Further, hand washing stations have been constructed in busy town centers to ensure people wash their hands even outside the home. 


Staff continue to educate VHTs to ensure they have accurate information regarding COVID-19 including:
1. What it is and how it is spread

2. Signs and symptoms

3. How to prevent it 

4. What to do if someone is suspected to be positive.

Additionally, staff are teaching VHTs  how to make cloth face masks and the proper usage of them. The VHTs are instrumental to their village's response to COVID, and Omni Med is committed to providing them with the most up to date efforts surrounding coronavirus.

Unfortunately, for the time being, it is not appropriate for volunteers to be a part of our work in Uganda. However, we look forward to welcoming volunteers back as soon as safely possible!Please continue to check our website for updates.


Additional Resources

Dr. Ed O'Neil, Omni Med Founder, has written comprehensive literature reviews on COVID-19 to ensure that we all can have access to up to date information. The reports can be accessed here:

3/12/20 Guidelines and Recommendations (Political):




3/12/ 20 Guidelines and Recommendations (Apolitical):

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